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Laser Vision Correction

Laser Vision Correction

LASIK is the most common form of laser vision correction.  It is a rapid, effective way to dramatically improve your vision. It is the most commonly performed elective surgery in the United States. Millions of people worldwide have had Lasik laser vision correction including professional athletes, airplane pilots, military personnel, and medical personnel.

Dr. Yoon also performs Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) a no cutting alternative to Lasik.  It is a safer alternative in some patients who are not good Lasik candidates due to thin corneas, dry eye, or asymmetric astigmatism. 

Rockford Eye and Laser Center is the first area practice to offer All Laser LASIK which has distinct advantages over a mechanical blade. Dr. Yoon also uses the VISX S4 excimer laser with active tracking to perform all our laser vision surgeries. The VISX S4 laser is a sophisticated state of the art laser. It is the dominant and most widely used excimer laser in the United States. With its incredibly smooth ablations and accuracy, it brings tremendous results and safety. Its pupil tracking system adds another level of safety to the procedure. The tracking system will follow the small movements of your eye so that the laser is continuously aimed in the center of your pupil.  It also employs custom wavefront technology to reduce optical imperfections resulting in superior quality vision with less risk for glare and haloes and better night vision. 

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