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Why Choose Us?

Rockford Eye & Laser Center is a team of highly trained specialists in every major subspecialty. We have fellowship trained specialists in Retina, Cornea, Oculoplastics, Pediatrics, Refractive Surgery, Comprehensive Ophthalmology and Medical Optometry.  

For Your Cataract Surgery... 

Dr. Yoon has performed over 15,000 cataract surgeries since 2000. He is the cataract surgeon of choice in the Rockford area for numerous eye care professionals and physicians. Dr.Yoon meticulously plans and executes every surgery, and this is why he is confident in his ability to give each patient their best possible outcome. 

We are excited to be able to offer  laser cataract surgery and high technology lens implants to eligible patients. This will provide you the opportunity to further benefit your visual outcome after surgery.

For Your Laser Vision Correction...

Dr. Yoon is a highly trained and experienced surgeon; being a board certified ophthalmologist with fellowship training in Refractive and Corneal surgery (Refractive surgery is Lasik and other surgeries to improve your vision without glasses or contacts).  He has been performing LASIK in a private practice setting since 2000 and has performed thousands of successful eye surgeries. 

Commitment to the best in technology.  Being an MIT engineer as well as a physician, Dr. Yoon is a strong proponent of the latest in technology.  He uses the VISX S4 excimer laser with 3-D active eye tracking with iris registration and custom wavefront technology.   The VISX laser is the industry leader in laser vision correction and preferred by the majority of eye surgeons performing LASIK.   

The VISX laser has many advantages that is not present in many other laser platforms. 

Custom Wavefront technology measures and treats the unique optical imperfections of the eye.  No two treatments are the same. It goes beyond conventional laser treatment which treats using your eyeglass prescription.  When compared to conventional treatment it is more accurate with superior quality of vision.  Night vision is also superior to conventional treatments with less night time difficulties.  More patients achieve 20/20 vision with custom wavefront technology with some patients achieving greater than 20/20 vision.

The 3-Dimensional eye tracking system also facilitates proper centration of your laser treatment.  The laser’s tracking system captures the movement of your eye 60 times a second and redirects the laser beam to the center of your cornea.

We have enjoyed a very high level of success with over 99% of our patients being able to drive after surgery without corrective lenses.  This has resulted in a large portion of our patients being referred by satisfied previous patients.  

For Our Commitment to Care...

Our number one goal is your success, being that, every patient is run through a series of diagnostic tests to ensure that they are recieving the best care towards their individual eye care needs.  We all care greatly about you and your visual experience. 

 For Our Reputation...

Our doctors have an excellent reputation in the Rockford medical and eye care community.   They act as consultants for complicated eye disorders referred by other physicians and optometrists.  In fact, many area physicians and optometrists have entrusted their own eye surgery and eye conditions to our doctors. 


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