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Our specialists include W. Steve Yoon, M.D.Krupa Patel, O.D., Wingyin H. Durias, O.D., as well as two independent physicians Herbert Becker, M.D. and Bradley Lemke, M.D. who all serve the unique eye care needs of patients throughout Rockford, Illinois and the surrounding metropolitan area. Together, they share a vision of excellence based on building trusting relationships, offering reliable service, and rendering eye treatment with compassion.

Services available at Rockford Eye & Laser Center include:


 Improving Vision through Comprehensive Treatment

Our comprehensive eye care and treatment attend to all aspects that contribute to achieving and maintaining essential eye health. The scope of options at our medical center extends from comprehensive dilated eye examinations to therapeutic and surgical procedures, allowing us to grant patients lasting improvement to their vision. We adhere to high standards of care, supplementing the quality of our services with the latest medical and surgical technology. Through this, our specialists produce positive outcomes with effective, minimally invasive treatments. 

More than surgeons, we are healthcare practitioners, committed to your long-term wellness. As part of this commitment, we conduct in-depth evaluations of your eye health and specialize in considerate perioperative care, giving us the ability to protect and preserve your sight for years to come.

Precise, Specialized Eye Care

Whether reading an engrossing novel or enjoying the beauty of a picturesque sunset, your eyes play an integral role in your life. Due to the sensitive and complex composition of ocular structures, however, specially trained professionals are required to manage their care. Our eye doctors have a clinical focus on improving vision and possess the understanding necessary to diagnose and administer extensive and precise treatment for many concerns that detract from optimal sight. With considerable education, board certification, and experience across multiple disciplines, our whole team of eye care specialists appropriately identify and alleviate conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, eye infections, dry eye syndrome, and complications associated with diabetes.

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Our Physicians
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Herbert Becker, MD 
Bradley Lemke, MD 



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